Piano lessons are available for students ages 5+. I provide a blended teaching approach at lessons. It's been my experience that using a variety of materials and repertoire for students is crucial to student success and enjoyment when playing the piano. 


All students should have a metronome. I use a variety of piano method books and supplementary materials. When possible, I will use books that students may already own. Additional materials may be recommended for your student. You may purchase books at a local music store or via an online retailer such as Amazon. Occasionally the instructor will provide a book for a student and the book cost will be added to your monthly tuition.


The appropriate age to start piano lessons is as individual as the person taking lessons! While I strive to keep lessons engaging and interactive, the nature of piano lessons does emphasize considerable time on the piano bench. If your young child is able to focus on sustained activities (such as reading, coloring, or puzzles), they may be ready to begin piano lessons. Piano lessons do provide a benefit of teaching children focus and discipline. However, it is important that children begin their piano journey at a time when then can be successful. Starting too early, even though a child expresses interest or desire for lessons,  could result in unnecessary confusion and frustration for everyone involved. Meet & Greet lessons can provide an opportunity to determine if your young child is ready to begin individual study.