Practicing at home is the most important part of lessons! We add tools to your musical toolbox at your lesson. Practicing at home with those tools build you as a musician. Practice at least 5 or 6 days each week. Practice should be the length of your lesson. You may want to practice in smaller increments (chunk practice), rather than one longer stretch. The quality of practice is more important than the quantity of practice. Consider your environment for practicing. Are you able to concentrate and listen to your playing or singing? Is your piano in good working order? 

Parents play a vital role in practice! Encourage your child to practice. Keep an active listening ear during practice sessions. Please read weekly lesson sheets so you know what to listen for. Establishing good practice habits takes time. With consistent effort it will become a part of daily routine. Please do not use practice as punishment; this can deflate a young musician’s interest and cause resentment for their instrument. Consider taking advantage of musical opportunities available in the community & attend live performances when possible!